We Got Married !?

Love Thursday: The Pizza Edition: We Got Married !?

In 2006, we had been married just a year. I talked him into We had chosen to start our lives in a 650 square-foot, one-bedroom apartment. We paid pennies for rent, and saved like squirrels. It was important to me to start our marriage off in the black. And we did it. Together.

We paid off his car, we paid off my student loans, and we lived off his income. That year, I put a third of my income into The Down Payment Fund. Because real estate in California, it has to get better soon, right? Right?

That Guy I Married already had a kitchen full of stuff. We registered for two whole kitchen gadgets, and then spent 4 months going to five stores trying to figure out where people bought 6 cookie sheets, 5 cupcake pans, 3 crock pots and 2 blenders so we could return them. Because there was just no room.

I pulled this video up today, and almost died laughing, not just because I can’t sing. I had forgotten that this moment, this tiny kitchen, his habit of pulling out the camera at the most embarrassing times (usually while I’m cooking), has become a part of who I am.

This was the year that we looked at each other weekly and said “We got married!?” This was the year that I got in the habit of buying Honey Nut Cheerios, and saving money by sealing dinners in the Food Saver. This was the year that I rewashed the same four lead-crystal glasses every day, because we didn’t have room for a full set. This was the year he worked from home, in the living room, with no sanctuary to call his own.

The mega-shelf in the kitchen was our first joint home improvement project. The first of many where I said “Well, I need something that…” and he came home from Home Depot with a solution.

This was the year that I learned it was okay to sing a song when I felt like it, because I know I won’t be laughed at (well, I won’t be told to shut up) in Our Home.