How To Make Me Happy – Wedding Edition

how to make me happy - wedding edition

Eww, i have to live with a *Boy*

1. Print 5 drafts of a shower invitation – to make sure I like my choices.
2. Take up finger painting to cure boredom while assembling the ceremony programs for my wedding.
3. Wash two weeks of my really really smelly laundry – just to be nice.
4. Call a babysitter for your 1-year-old just because I need you on my wedding day.
5. Send back that cute little RSVP card the same week you receive it.
6. Teach me a cool come-back for not letting people bug me for our honeymoon location.

    β€œIts in the vault.”

7. Reschedule your 75th birthday limo-ride so that you can come to my wedding.