Ode To Damage Control:

At 4 am, there ain’t nuthin on T.V. except Lunesta and Mystery Depression Medication commercials. I hate sleepless nights.

::Gasp:: Two steps back!

Friday, I put up my last post and went to check my RSS feeds just as I was running out the door for date night. DOH! Remind me to check the RSS feed before I post anything!

I offer up the following Ode To Damage Control:

“There's a blog theme thing going on, NaBloPoMo, a post every day in November thing. I signed up, and because I battle anxiety about everything, I planned out what I was going to write every day for the whole month and posted it on my blog.

Then I went back today and wrote a post with the theme of “I'm gonna post before I check all the other blogs on my rss feed” and posted a depressing “I got nothing to say because I don't want to spew all my personal anxiety, depression, and family issues on the net” post. And THEN I checked my RSS feed, and saw that Mrs. Kennedy from Fussy (a relatively Big Fish blogger) plugged my blog on her site today. This is exactly the kind of social situation that makes me a nervous wreck!

Look at that dumb luck!? Hoooooooooooooow could I be so dumb? Mrs. Kennedy is sending who-knows-how-many people to my blog and I've just posted a “woe is me” post!?

My dilemma is, do I pull the post down before *everybody* sees it, and repost it later when it's funny? Or do I leave it up like it is: Hi, welcome to my site, I have no self-esteem, you want to bookmark me, right?”

I sent out this panicked email to DH, several non-blogging friends, and a few bloggers I met at Blogher. Most of the feedback I got was in the vein of “It’s your blog about you, leave it up!” I did leave it up with a minor change in the wording of the paragraph about our marriage. I’m feeling pretty good about that. I can’t believe I’m blogging that I called Fussy a Big Fish.

Date Night did totally rock. I got a fair amount of me time on Saturday because DH slept in until noon-thirty. Moose’s band was really good (if you think screaming and growling=music).

Sunday, I remembered to pick up a birthday gift for the boss, and I had some time to try my hand at canning applesauce. Speaking of canning, remind me not to take on new projects armed only with directions from the internet.