I’m A Teacher, Now What?

I'm a teacher... now what???

Ok, so the first trimester (of teaching!!!) has been kicking my butt.

Every spare minute of free time has been spent pouring over lesson plans, handouts, books, software, and the internet. I’ve gotten fat from spending every spare minute sitting at the computer. I’m rarely home to cook dinner, let alone eat it… It gets easier after this, right?

Also, In the last few months:

I made it through the busy season at my day job, events planned, excecuted,  paid for, and books balanced.

The last week in March, I taught my first night class, attended my first professional conference, taught the first night of my second night class, then caught a 6am flight to my second conference – a weekend in Lake Tahoe.

 In April, it was more of the same. Work the day, teach or plan lessons at night. One night after my class ended at 10pm, we caught a red eye to Detroit for my husban’ds cousin’s wedding. First thing in the morning we landed, and drove a rental car to the hotel. You’ve heard the rumors about traffic in L.A., "it is bad", but nothing like Michigan.

Here’s my theory. L.A. weather is good, so people can spend the money to buy a nice car and keep it nice for a decade without having to worry about rust damage. But those people live in L.A. where there are more than 10 million other people on the road. Sure, drivers are impatient and sick of waiting in line just to get on a freeway… but they like their cars and would like to keep them nice for the decade that it will take to pay them off. This puts at least some limit on driver agression.
It don’t work that way in Detroit. As my grandperz used to say: “Seems to me that…” Detroit drivers are all related to someone who works at the local automobile factory. With their company discount, they can afford to replace their cars every time they smash them up. I did not see one blinker blink on one car with Michigan plates! I was cut off by old ladies, and tailgaited for driving at the posted speed limit! Sure, the roads are wide enough to pass on the left or the right, and the on-ramps are wide enough that you wont flip your car over if you take it at 50 miles an hour but SHEESH PEOPLE!

In May, hubby and I both started taking advantage of my new dental insurance. Maaaaaan! We have good insurance and we are still paying a ton of money!! Is it childish to say that I’m proud that he needs more work done than I do?

I will say that after 27 years of putting dentist’s children through college, I finally found a new dentist who would bother to waste his time teaching me how to brush and floss.

I was shown how to brush once  when I was five, and every year after that I was scolded by the dentist and repremanded by my parents because my teeth were never good enough to be left alone.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the new dentist has cable T.V…. and he lets me pick the channel i want to watch during my fillings!

DH also had a birthday in May. He does more wonderful things for me than he’ll ever even relize so I wanted to do something special for his birthday. Something big, something nice, something new, something special. The only thing his heart desired… He wanted to see STOMP. again. For. the. third. time. That’s not new, that’s not different, and its not  special if he’s already seen it twice. I did pout. A lot. But it’s his birthday and its  the only thing he wanted.

It was fun. You should see it next time its in town. I only needed earplugs for the last 15 minutes of the show.

Mostly to make myself feel better, I bought him some Omaha Steaks online. This meant learning to use that weird thing called a broiler. And learning what medium-rare looks like. And remembering not to pull the broiler drawer all the way out of the oven. again.

O! We just found out that the Hamiltons are coming to town. TWICE in two weeks!!!! We get to babysit IJ! Are you jealous yet? I’ve already quequed the Elmo DVD’s at N*tflix! Can you see the exclaimation points! Can you tell I’m excited!! Next time I’m gonna have to tell them not to tell me they’re coming until 3 days before, I just can’t take the anticipation!

Stay tuned for scenes from next week’s episodes: “10 Hour Days”, “Why did you pick *that* picture to show to the Immigration Officials”, and “What’s In a Name.”