Obsessive Compulsive

Obsessive Compulsive!

Where’s the plan? Who’s got the plan? What is the plan? I need a plan!

My old horse-trainer is rolling his eyes and silently laughing at me right now. I can feel it.

Here is the NaBloPoMo Plan for each day of this month:
 (Updated to reflect D.S.O. Sponsors)

1. Halloween

2. 40 Days of Community

3. Holiday Shopping Challenge

4. Take and post a picture APWG Writing Prompt

5. Dink(y) Sells Out! If you email me by November 1st with 4 new post topics that you would like me to write about on this blog, I will plug your blog on November 5th! Go ahead, Delurk!

6. Weight Watchers progress and accountability update

7. Ten on Tuesday A post from the unfinished draft archive

8. Use a writing Prompt  One Lump or Two?

9. Plug another Newlywed Blog

10. D.S.O._Somebody solicited my advice???_

11. Take and post a picture
12. D.S.O._Weekend shenanagins_

13. Accountability update

14. Self Portrait Tuesday

15. Writing Prompt

16. Anti-Narcissism Day: write about somebody else for crying out loud!!

17. D.S.O._This Post is Brought to you by the Letter “P”_

18. Diabetic Gourmet: go read it!!

19. Thanksgiving recipe with picture

20. Acountability Update

21. Ten on Tuesday Recipes – Someone asked a *Newlywed* to cook!?

22. D.S.O._Alternative Uses for Utensils__

23. Thanksgiving Picture

24. Thanksgiving Post
25. Take a picture

26. “Holiday Shopping” had better be DONE!

27. Accountability Update

28. Self Portrait Tuesday

29. Writing Prompt

30. NaBloPoMo Party!