And It’s All Ghetto!

We chose this apartment by process of elimination. As in: we eliminated the possibility of living anywhere else located between his office and my office, because its all ghetto!

Don’t get me wrong, I love this neighborhood. People cut and water their grass, sweep their porches, decorate for holidays, the whole nine yards. The few blocks surrounding us are all very pleasant, you know: houses, trees, sidewalks, warehouses, railroad cars, houses, trees, sidewalks… Oh, wait! See, that’s the thing. Its an industrial town. Every few blocks there’s the remnants of what used to be a familiar chain super market, ice-cream shop, video rental store. There aren’t enough residents in this town to support the familiar favorites that you can find in a half-mile radius in other suburbs. This is the last Los Angeles suburb that only has ONE “Fourbucks” coffee joint within the city limits. Not that I’m a fan of “Fourbucks,” but come on! Fourbucks is everywhere, why not here?

Where does a 20-something newlywed meet her girlfriends for a chat in this town? The local cocktail bar with the Grandpamobiles parked out front? I think the secret handshake involves a Pompadour comb-over!

There’s a high school down the street, we could smoke cigarettes and be melancholy behind the gym… except that I don’t smoke!

Like, we could like so totally go hang out at the mall in the next town, that would be like so totally righteous… but I like stopped saying “like” like six times in a sentence when I was like eleven years old. That’s like so like 1987.

Chinese food? Sure, we got that, its the restaurant with the big blue B on the front window! Not the kind of place you take a friend!

There is one thing that this town does right, and that is Mexican restaurants.

So: Who wants to meet me down the street for a hot cup of taquitos?

Moving Madness: Winter In California ~ Seasonal Change ~ No Such Thing!

Moving Madness!

Its the hap-happiest season of all!

Ian will tell you how he misses having an actual “fall” with leaves changing into beautiful colors. He’ll tell you how much he doesn’t miss shoveling a driveway or scraping ice from a windshield. There’s a Canadian joke that the two seasons are “winter” and “construction” because of all the cold, wet weather. In 2003 it was really odd for him to decorate my mother’s Christmas tree with the sun shining on green grass outside the window.

Ian jokes about what we Californians call “winter” out here in the desert. He mocks me for shivering when its 72 degrees. On a nostalgic day he’ll tell me he misses having real seasons.

But we do have real seasons!!
We have Rose Parade season in January to taunt all the Eastcoasters.
We have April Shower season.
We have Fire season
and the bestest season of them all started today!

The Santa Ana Winds are here! Warm toasty dry highdesert winds barrel through the mountain passes to make the whole world wonderful! Every year the Santa Anas blow the smog and the ugly out of Los Angeles. You know all those L.A. postcardswith blue skys? They’re not fake! Its just that every photographer in the state takes pictures of L.A. the day after the Santa Anas arrive! The happy winds make a special trip through the valley I grew up in and blow away all the leaves that have to be raked during the rest of the year. For a few months every year the valley that Motabcalls the Armpit of California gets a much needed pressure washing and is blessed with clean, fabulous, toasty, summer beach weather.

I walk around like a freak with my nose to the sky inhaling every second of this glorious weather. I even asked my supervisor if I could move my desk outside for the rest of the month. Thats a no. Maybe my dear husband will let me sleep on the stairwell outside the apartment 0:-).