Merging Lives ~ Merging Lifestyles

We’re merging lives, we’re merging lifestyles. Still working out what brand of toothpaste to buy and which night is laundry night.

A foriegn object was introduced into our home. Its an inconsistant and sneaky little contraption called a “snooze button.”

At first, it was a cute little novelty. The alarm goes off at 5:30, and we rolled out of bed 37 minutes later.

Then late nights at work happend. Aweful commutes. Season-premiers on T.V. Stress from friends. Late night discussions.
blink, blink, yawn: “What time is it?”
“Little after 6.”
“Darn. I really like our comfie bed.”
blink, blink, yawn: “What time is it?”
“OK, I really gotta get in the shower.”
blink, blink, yawn: “What time is it?”
“Ugh, I guess I’ll skip breakfast.”
blink, blink, yawn: “What time is it?”
“Ack! Good thing I showered last night!!”
blink, blink, yawn: “What time is it?”
“Quarter to seven.”
“ARE YOU KIDDING! I was supposed to get up 45 minutes ago! I’m SO late for work! Why didnt the alarm go off???”
“I woke up and turned it off.”
“WHYYYYYY would you do that!!?”
“I was a wake.”
“But… but… but…”

I think the “Our Alarm Clock” experiment was a failure. I’m installing “His” and “Hers” as soon as I get home tonight.

See, snooze buttonsreally are a bad idea!!