Lego my Legos

Lego My Legos - A Poem?

“Write a poem, story or little ditty with the word LEGO in it!”

My little brother, he played with Legos as a kid. There are two ginormous pirate ship sets. One year my brother asked for one for Christmas and one for his birthday. There were Legos everywhere. Fourteen Bazillion Legos on his bedroom floor. There were many a decapitated pirate who's little bearded head had been sucked into the vacuum cleaner. I hate shoes. I have wide feet which never would fit into children’s shoes, so I was usually barefoot and would often step on a stray Lego wedged into the carpet. Ouch!

DH? He will sometimes tell me that he played with Lego too. When he got in trouble, his mom would threaten to take away his Lego. A Lego. I tease him because I can never imagine how much fun it would be to play with one Lego... Kind of like playing with a Log? I keep forgetting to ask him what color his Lego was.

Yesterday I saw a commercial for Lego blocks, and the announcer used “Lego” in the plural also. Who knew?

.. I know, I know... I still don't have the lego poem written... and won't ever! I still have nutt'en to say! Geez.