IKEA Teapots

It only took a month, but I’m officially out of my old rental. On the way to turn in my keys, I had to stop at IKEA to return a dozen teapots that we didn’t end up using. Who goes to IKEA at 8:30 on a Monday night? Who? Who? Who?

I could not belive that the parking lot was full when I got there. Wanna know who goes to IKEA at 8:30 pm on a weeknight?

3 middle-aged Asian couples returning half-assembled livingroom furniture.
1 college-aged female pouring ketchup on a half-scarfed 50 cent IKEA brand hotdog.
1 lost old man walking aimlessly around a huge elevator with a very consterned look of consternation shown on his brow.
2 couples with kids who should have been in bed an hour ago.
20 unimpassioned employees
1 very tired newlywed.

If you pay cash, they refund in cash. Sweet!