The Green Card Interview

Today we had a teleconference with our immigration lawer’s legal assistant. She was prepping us for our Green Card interview. She ran through the list of all the forms we were required to bring with us, many of the questions we might be asked in the interview, and telling us to bring “extra” stuff to prove that we are married. She suggested wedding photos, letters we’ve written to eachother, bills that show we live at the same address etc. She was trying to find the words to describe other things we could bring in – when she exclaimed: “Oh! I remember you guys – You guys have a blog!

Yes, yes we do.

We had a “wedding planner” fourm set up for all of the planning, and now we have dink(y) and w98

After we could stop laughing enough to act like adults, she continued to tell us that most of the officers like to break monotony in their day by hearing stories about honeymoons, seeing vacation photos, hearing annectdotes just to liven it up.

Should I print out the “Bridezilla Meltdowns” category and take it with me to the interview?