Kids Playmat ~ Gonna Need It Soon!

It's time to setup a plan for a play area for the baby to be. Yup, I'm pregnant and getting more than uncomfortable in size. Worn out trying to do all the things I used to do at this larger size. However, eating is more fun as I'm supposed to put on weight for the little bambino.

I decided these soft rubber playmats that interlock will be ideal and if you get the largest one it goes wall to wall in our spare bedroom. The baby won't bump her/his head and I won't be so neurotic about the whole thing with the floor of the room padded. I found a cute kids playmat online at on this webpage, in case you want to see it and maybe you need one too.

The next thing were going to need is a home bar... looking for that too, but that's after I give birth and can have a drink! But that's another day, another time... too tired.