Stop Poking Me!

DH has been getting headaches. All the time. Random, unprovoked, butt-kicking headaches. He’s tried all of the major over-the-counter aspirin/acetaminophen/migraine stuff. He’s tried new prescriptions for driving glasses, and computer glasses. A week ago, the doc suggested that it might be a sinus infection and to try penicillin. The antibiotics kinda-sorta helped, but not in a ‘the-hills-are-alive-with-the-sound-of-music’ kind of way.

Friday morning, he woke up kind of itchy. By Friday night, he asked me to meet him in urgent care because he was about to jump out of his skin. When I got there he was covered head to toe in bumps and was using his health insurance card to saw at his skin like a maniac scratch everything he could reach.

“Hon, you’ll give yourself an infection… Hon, you’re gonna make it worse… Hon, if you scratch it will just inflame and itch more… hon… hey… stop that… hey… HEY… hon… STOP SCRATCHING!!!! STOP SCRATCHING!!!”

It was a ninety-minute wait in urgent care, and just *watching him* was making ME itch!

By the time we got to see the doctor, I was barking at him to stop scratching while I was reaching every-which-way under my sweater.

The doc came in and laughed at both of us, checked DH out, and then offered to prescribe ME the anti-histamine/sedative so that I would be able to sleep through the night with all of his scratching. Apparently, DH’s body waited a week to send the message that he is now allergic to penicillin.

Last night DH crawled in bed with a healthy dose of steroids and happy pills. He went the whole night without moving a muscle or making a sound! Not a sigh, a snort, or even a mumble! He didn't snore, not even ONCE! I had to check twice to make sure he was still breathing…

Today the itching was gone, but the headache was back. Doc said the next round of treatment would likely be CAT scans and migraine meds. I think tomorrow I’ll pick up a book on acupuncture for dummies!

Ha Ha Ha! Its his turn to wail: “Stop poking me!”