Pod People

I’m too cheap to keep up the times. I’ve survived most of the way through 2005 just fine with my 13″ tv, vcr, single-disk dvd player, and cellphone (not camera phone, not blackberry, not pda, or newfangled walkman/cellphone combo). Get this people, I commute home, I DRIVE AROUND CALIFORNIA while I listen to the fm radio in the car.

And then I did it. I was packing for the honeymoon and I dropped my (mother’s) cordless radio headset on the cement floor of the garage. Suuuure! I can still jog without my headphones. I’ll still ride my bike. I’ll just go to the gym, there’s music there! I’ll have no problem getting motivated to vacuum. I’ll start doing those Pilates tapes again…

Ha! 2 dress sizes later… I’m waiting in sneakers and shorts for DH to come home from work so I can swipe his MP3 player and blitz out the door to escape on my jog. After a week of this DH starts commenting on the need for duplicate technology.

Introducing, the newest member of our family. Our little bundle of joy: Ipod Shuffle Douglas.

He asked a friend to recommend some jogging music to have loaded on the ipod when he presented it to me. The sick part is that I skipped past the dance/trance ultra trendy shakeyabooty music to listen to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

If you ever catch me trying to pretend that I think I’m cool: whack me over the head with a frying pan!

Of course this brings a whole new list of things to fight about during marriage counseling: “He tried to recategorize my MP3’s! He thinks there’s something wrong with filing MP3’s by the year that I downloaded them! It’s my turn to load the Ipod!”

I Pod, Do you Pod?