NaBloPoMo Warm Up

NaBloPoMo Warm Up
Writing Prompt: “Tell a story today about something (consumable) that you couldn’t live without.”

I don’t know how I’m living! You know that part of the Roadrunner cartoon where the coyote realizes that he’s run off the cliff and is standing in mid air? While we were dating we were going through “Questions for Couples” (see the book in the right side-bar, BUY IT!). One of the questions was “What’s the best part about being your gender?” Strawberry Lipbalm. Bonne Belle Strawberry Lipbalm is my crack.

And you know what’s sad? I can’t remember the last time I had a tube. I’ve taken stock of how many half-used beauty products I own and vowed not to buy another until I’ve used up each half-used container. I’m still trying "to use up all of those nasty," ineffective, and icky-tasting  Avon-interpretations-of-lipbalm that my mother has been stuffing my stocking with for the last 15 years.

Or maybe strawberry lipbalm was my crack. Chai tea lattes? My drink of choice at the wonderful Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but I’m no mocha-mamma, I can go for a week or two with out that spicy creamy goodness.

Dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses. The quick fix. Concentrated chocolatey goodness measured by the gram. I’ve sworn off milk chocolate, because I always anticipate a thrill, and then milk chocolate doesn’t deliver. Most of the milk chocolate I get my hands on just tastes cheap.

mmmmmmm. Dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses. Trick or Treat!!