Mpeg Recorder

Mpeg Recorder: MiniMartha bought us a way-too-snazzy-to-actually-use digital camera when we got married. I let DearHusband spend our honeymoon figuring out all nine hundred and seven features. Me, on the other hand: it was hard enough to learn to point and click, let alone point, click AND UPLOAD!

Today I found a reason to figure out how to work the sucker. I even got motivated enough to learn how to video-blog. Never mind the fact that I really *should* be cooking dinner for DH.

As of yet, this has been a BridezillaBlog and a Dink(y) NewlywedBlog. This is where I’m at in life right now. ‘Tis the season for learning to cook, learning to share the blankets, learning to de-pink the load of white laundry, and learning to let him get around to cleaning up the dining-room table when he gets around to it. These are the things I blog about now.

I don’t blog about everything. There are some things that just aren’t the Internet’s business (no offence to y’all). I take my ‘Tom Cruise Condemns Me Vitamin’ every night, I am a cynical ‘Gen-Xer’ and an ‘Adult Child of Divorce,’ an ‘Eating Disorder Survivor’ a ‘Recovering People Pleaser,’ and I am all the stereotypes that go with those labels.

I’ve spent the last ten years learning that I am also much more than that. I’m ‘even-more-stubborn-than-you-are.’ I’m a fighter and a dreamer. I am a perpetual student, I don’t learn fast, but I learn. I know what I want, and Get Out Of My Way, I’m Going To Figure Out How To Get It.

At the top of my list is a solid marriage. Did you hear me not say ‘perfect,’ marriage? Did you hear me not say ‘exciting’ marriage? Did you hear me not say ‘fairy-tale’ marriage?

My in-laws have been married for thirty-four years (did you get that – I said THIRTY-FOUR YEARS, count them 20, 25, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 years)! My MIL respects, accepts and takes care of Ian’s dad unconditionally. You can see in his eyes how proud my FIL is to be married to Ian’s mom.

It sounds like its supposed to be so stinking simple, but I’ve never seen it done before – so maybe it really isn’t. It’s just amazing to me. Before we married, I told Ian that this is what I want for our lives. Ian chose to honor me by asking me to dance to this at our wedding.

My adorable father-in-law turned 64 this year, and my mother-in-law still puts up with him! I hope they get it – I wanna be like them.

This is the birthday gift that they sent me this year. I almost died laughing when I pulled it out of the box.

UPDATE: OK, so I ran to get the camera and I started blogging before I got all the way through the package. Seriously, this time, I really DID nearly die laughing when I pulled these instructions out of the box.