Lets Review… 2006.

  1. What did you do in 2006 that you'd never done before?
    Stood in church and sang hymns with my family, instead of somone elses.
  2. What places did you visit?
    San Jose, Ca -Blogher
    Dana Point, Ca - 1st Anniversary
    Toronto, and Ottawa, Ontario
  3. What was your favorite film of this year?
    You expect me to remember the films I’ve seen this year?
  4. What was your favorite holiday in 2006 and why?
    Ugh. Gosh. Halloween is usually my fav, but The Kids are too old for it now.
  5. What was your most watched tv show during 2006?
    Waaaaay too much Law & Order, The Pretender
  6. What was your favorite TV program?
    Gilmore Girls
  7. What was the best book or book series you read?
    Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas series
  8. What was your greatest musical discovery?
    The Afters
  9. Which celebrity/public figure did you read about/keep up with the most?
    Heather B. Armstrong
  10. What relationships began, ended, or significantly changed during 2006? Why and how?
    Hmmm. Ended a couple of friendships because of family drama (it wasn’t your fault guys, but I can’t deal with this). Got an out-of-the-blue phone call from BFNF#2 (Best Friend Not Forever #2) from junior high school. She came out of nowhere.
  11. What was your biggest expenditure in 2006? Do you feel you got your money’s worth?
    12 day trip to Canada
  12. Who was your mentor or role model in 2006?
  13. Who was the most helpful professional or service person you dealt with in 2006?
    The Southwest Airlines lady who let me change my nonrefundable ticket to a work conference at the last minute.
  14. Who was the least helpful professional or service person you dealt with in 2006?
    Avis Rental Cars. Please don’t get my husband started on this one.
  15. Did you learn any new skills in 2006? If so, what?
    Hmm.. it’s been a while since I burned dinner.
  16. What skills did you work on developing further or fine tuning in 2006?
    Teaching introductory computer classes is getting easier.
  17. What did you learn about yourself in 2006?
    I need to stop hanging on to friendships that aren’t there. If you love someone, set them free..
  18. What did you learn about someone close to you in 2006?
    Since when does he not like Cherry Tomatoes?
  19. What did you keep close to your heart in 2006?
    My Halloween candy dish
  20. What transitions did you experience in 2006?
    650 square foot, one-bedroom apartment shared with another person.
  21. What was your biggest achievement/accomplishment/personal gain of 2006?
    I’m bad at answering stuff like this.
  22. What was your biggest failure/setback/disappointment of 2006?
    I gained back a portion of the weight I had previously lost and became even more sedentary than before, which I did not realize was possible.
  23. What was your personal success that was the most meaningful to you in 2006? (Not the same question as 21 as the biggest may or may not be the most personally meaningful)
    Ditto #21
  24. Did you suffer illness or injury in 2006? Is it ongoing or better now?
    I don’t remember. Let me check my archives… DH is the one who’s been sick this year.
  25. What was the best thing you bought in 2006?
    A shopping question? Come on, you can do better than that!
  26. What was the best gift you received in 2006?
    A family bible, a red pea coat, and a suprise birthday party.
  27. Whose behavior merited celebration in 2006?
    Am I supposed to rate my friends and family like a child?
  28. Whose behavior upset you greatly?
    Again, is this a third-grade report card?
  29. What did you do for fun in 2006?
    I went to BlogHer
  30. What song will always remind you of 2006?
    Waiting, Waiting on the SONG to change!
  31. What do you wish you’d done more of in 2006?
  32. What do you wish you’d done less of in 2006?
    Sitting at my computer
  33. Did you fall in love or date anyone significant in 2006?
    That’s kinda frowned uppon in wedlock.
  34. How many one-night stands or brief encounters did you have in 2006?
    Again, frowned uppon.
  35. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
    Same list, pretty much.
  36. Do you love anyone now that you didn’t love this time last year?
    No, but I have a blogcrush on Carmen!
  37. What did you want or need and get?
    A red wool walking coat!!
  38. What did you want or need and not get?
    I didn’t get to decorate my home for Christmas.
  39. What was your absolute weirdest encounter with another human being during 2006?
    I have a few nutty students… shouldn’t go there in public though.
  40. What was your best/happiest encounter with another human being during 2006?
    BFNF#2  called me out of thin air.
  41. What was your worst/most distressing encounter with another human being in 2006?
    BFNF#1 still hasn’t explained why she wasn’t at my wedding (BFNF#3 did, but it was a crappy excuse).
  42. What got fixed and improved in 2006 and who fixed it?
    Ray fixed our garbage disposal a few times.
  43. What was the prettiest thing you saw during 2006?
    The beach on our first anniversary.
  44. Who did you miss in 2006?
    BFNF#1, #2, & #3, see above.
  45. Whose presence were you grateful for every day (or nearly every day)?
    That Guy I Married is *always here, I can’t figure out why he keeps coming back!
  46. Who was the best new person you met or got to know in 2006?
    Ok, these questions are getting circuitous: my bloggy crushy.
  47. What was the best gift you gave to another being during 2006?
    I gave somebody something? I can’t remember.
  48. What are you proud of from 2006?
    I made it through 12 days in Canada in WINTER and didn’t complain about the cold ONCE!
  49. What good thing did you persist in despite tiredness, boredom, or discouragement during 2006?
    Helping with the preschoolers in Sunday school. LORD, I’d rather be in the nursery instead!
  50. What dumb thing did you persist in despite better knowledge in 2006?
    Eating out all. the. time. the first year we were married. Bad, bad idea.
  51. If applicable, what kept you sane?
    The occasional jog.
  52. If applicable, what drove you crazy?
    I’m to tired to count. See this year’s archive for “Stop Poking Me.”
  53. What was your most meaningful moment of 2006, the thing that makes you say, “yes, this is all worthwhile!”?
    Ugggh. This is starting to sound like a college application!
  54. What stable thing in your life became less stable in 2006?
    Oh, we’re teetering on the ledge of sanity here!
  55. What unstable thing in your life became more stable in 2006?
    A few friendships.
  56. What political issue made you the happiest?
    Who put “political issue” and “happiest” in the same sentence?
  57. What political issue disturbed you the most?
    Why do you tell me that my vote matters, and then tell me that I live in a blue state, so I already voted as a Democrat?
  58. What decisions did you make in 2006 that will likely affect 2007 and beyond?
    The finances. We have a plan. Darn it!
  59. What is a valuable life lesson you learned in 2006 that you would like to pass on to others?
    People who are screaming at you: it’s usually not really about you.  
  60. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
    “I’m coming out of my cage, and I’ve been doing just fine.” The Killers, Mr. Brightside.