I’m Not Dead Yet!

Ok, Ok, Ok! I’m here, really!

Time to admit that (gasp!) I got sick of NaBloPoMo. I tried to fake it and post-date a couple of entries, I tried to bribe the husband to go post something for me, but naaaaah, I’m over it.

Then again, It’s NaBloPoMo and here I am… posting.

I’ve officially received a “Where have you been?” email from a blogosphere friend. Don’t worry! I’m here, I’m fine, just busy.

We are deep into the Christmas Crazies. I’ve been online long enough to read my feed and keep up with y’all, but not enough to write.

I’ve been offline and spending evenings cooking, reading a Dean Koontz novel, catching up on a huge-stack-of-unread-magazines and tv episodes. I’m in between terms at school, so I’ve been prepping for my next class. Wanna hear a Stress Dream?

So this summer I picked up a class that was particularly stressful to teach. Before that class, and again last night I dreamed that I walked into the classroom full of students and started talking but they weren’t listening. So I truck along and write something on the board, and when I look back at the class they have all turned their chairs and monitors around and are facing the back of the room, with their backs to me. Ignoring me? Taking someone else’s class? I’m not sure, but I wake up feeling insecure. Like I need more insecurity in my life.

That Sweet Man I Married was kind enough to endulge my request for yarn and a crochet hook last night. He went out at 8:30 and brought home yarn, hooks, books, and chocolate. Its cold, I’m tired, and I wanted something mindless to do with my hands while watching tv. Never mind that last night’s Gilmore Girls episode was Knit, People! Knit!

What are you doing reading blogs? Go outside and enjoy the Santa Ana Winds!!!

Thanksgiving Play-by-Play: Chapter Two

The Animal Planet episode chronicled the adventure of some idiot who set out to pet a cobra on the head. Apparantly Steve Irwin died in vain. The camera man, he was smart enough to back away when necessary. After I snapped the picture of that scintillating episode, we headed out to Venice for Turkey dinner.

My Cousin sold her soul to now hosts Thanksgiving at her house every year to justify paying for this beautiful kitchen remodel.

We had a very yummy dinner, and this year she actually let everyone help. Yay. I was afraid she was starting to turn into my Grand Martyr Mother.

The turkeys were yummy. Yes, I said “turkeys” plural. Maybe we still need to work on my cousin and the overdoingitness. She bought two “smaller” ones this year so that she would have an easier time of flipping the bird (hee hee) half way through cooking it. Flipping the bird has something to do with keeping the turkey moist. Whatever. It worked. Yummy.

I have found stuffing that I will eat. Someone brought cornbread dressing, and it wasn’t reheated soggy breadcrumbs like that other cr stuff. I shall have to scour the net for a similar recipe.

I was Out-Potatoed. I brought sweet potato puree and some fancypants brought Pecan And Walnut Crusted Sweet Potato Bake. Is there an emoticon for MOCKING!? Pecan And Walnut Crusted… meh meh meh meh meh. It was better than mine. Dang it. I guess I have to come up with a new trick.

And the pie. Good grief. There was so much pie.  Two people were told to bring one, and they each brought three. Pecan, chocolate mouse, apricot, peach… I ate ice cream instead.
We made it an early night because My Cousin has an unrelenting retail job and has to be up at 5 a.m. 257 days a year.

DH and I went looking for something to do at 8 p.m. We had two choices one of them was wait in line at Walmart for whatever-is-supposedly-worth-waiting-in-line-all-night-for.

I was not about to let Ian stand in this line all night, or take pictures of the crazies people standing in the line. Movie! Movies! Let’s go to a movie!!!
We saw Deja Vu. It was good. Go see it. I even stayed awake all the way to the end, that’s how good it was!

Apparantly DH is just now getting in the swing of Christmas Shopping. Is there anything we need to get up at 5 a.m. to go buy? Are you sure you don’t want anything from Fry’s? I’ll go stand in line if there’s something that you want. Who are we shopping for? What are we getting him? Her? Them? We decided that nothing had to be purchased at 5 a.m.
As we settled into bed, DH says: “I want to get up at five just to go take pictures of the people in the line!”

“Good NIGHT Ian!”

Happy Post Turkey Shopping, Internets. I think I shall go back to bed.