I Need A Hobby!


The thing about hobbies is: to get really involved in one, you end up not spending time on the others. I would really love to find time every day to write, blog, cook, make jewelry, go horseback riding, jog, and finish my wedding album. And lose weight.

Weight? Wait! That is not a hobby!

Recently, I signed up for the weight loss program endorsed by Fergie, online. I don’t have time to go to meetings, and I figured it’d be easier to find information about nutritional data on the site.

Now, I get up every morning and record in my food journal. Then I look at the clock and it’s time for work. No blogging, no bible time, no jogging, just logging my food journal.

I am now officially the lamest person on earth!

This makes me a really great candidate for lively and engaging conversation. Hi, I’m Dink(y), my hobbies are: reading closet organization magazines, walking around The Container Store, and counting POINTS. Uggh! I’m bored with listening to me, I’d rather just keep my mouth shut!

Anyone want to teach me to make small talk? I’ll pay you! I  don’t know what I want to talk about, let alone what I’m supposed to talk about at social gatherings. I’ll pay extra for the CliffsNotes version: I’m already struggling to hold together 1.5 jobs, a clean household, a healthy diet, finances, and a sense of who I am.

Come back and see the site redesign. Real soon now!